​Pest Control
  1. Starting @$40 mo
    This service will take care of all your typical home or business pests. Which includes Scorpions, Crickets, Ants, Spiders, Roaches, and most other crawling insects. This service does not take care of any flying insects
    Basic Services
  2. Starting @$150.00
    Pricing is determined on the severity of infestation and how many follow up services it will take to eliminate problem at hand
    Bed Bugs Service Tick service
  3. Starting @$150.00
    Pricing is completely based on results found during free inspection and to determine all necessary actions taken which can include trapping and removal, exclusion work, and/or baiting program
    Rodent Service
  4. Starting @ $100
    Pricing depends on size of swarm or hive, accessibility, and Height of the issue. This company does not provide removal of Honey Comb from walls unless it is completely accessible.
    Bee Service
  5. Ask for pricing
    This can cover a variety or insects from Flies to Mosquitos. Usually this is a weekly service to contain the issue from getting out of control
    Flying insects
  6. Starting @ $250
    All depends on the kind of service is wanted or needed by the customer. Prices differ with the use of bait, spike, wire mesh and trapping with removal
    Bird Control
Please call for free inspection.
All prices are subject to change and starting price can increase with size of property or severity of infestation on hand with home or business.